Update: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule

TweetEarlier this year, the federal agency – Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule,” (AFFH). This is Barack Obama’s most radical assault on American citizens and local governments. It’s actually worse than Obamacare! The AFFH Rule will destroy your property rights. The AFFH Rule will destroy your property values. The […]

Fair Housing Rule Has Consequences

TweetEffectively, these fair housing rules attach strings to federal grants to local communities. Beyond merely guaranteeing that the funds are used for their intended purpose, the requirements open up small communities to lawsuits or loss of local control if federal bureaucrats decide newly approved developments do not meet diversity goals. A few localities have opted […]

How HUD is Transforming America’s Classrooms

TweetH/T to Sustainable Freedom Lab for exposing and beating HUD… HUD is transforming America’s classrooms. No child is safe from “restructuring” that places their own educational needs behind the government’s insane blueprint for our children’s future. Academic needs are suddenly secondary to “economic diversity” and groups that gather to share and teach common religious ideals […]

NH Activists Lauded in National Review Article

TweetThe biggest reason to attend town meetings which are coming up in your town soon! National Review author Stanley Kurtz has mentioned some of our best NH activists in his latest article about Obamazone and the “Affirmatively Fair Housing Act” and the reason why towns should reject HUD grant funds. To all our volunteers, those […]

Dr Ben Carson Continues OBAMA HUD Policies

TweetIMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE MADE ON OCTOBER 11, 2017 A NH Republican has been named as New England Regional Administrator of HUD, Boston. Does this now mean yet another Republican is going to help enforce Obama’s unconstitutional policies? http://www.wmur.com/article/former-congressional-staffer-david-tille-named-hud-new-england-regional-administrator/12467835 This comes from John Anthony, our friend at Sustainable Freedom Labs. Is it time for […]

Let’s Defund HUD’s AFFH Rule!

TweetPreserve Property Rights by Defunding HUD’s AFFH Rule H/T JBS The pressure by property advocates from across the nation to rein in HUD’s disastrous Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule is being felt on Capitol Hill. As a result, two bills have been introduced to defund and eliminate the program. Representative Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) has […]

Promises, promises

TweetWill Trump break this promise? When President Reagan took office in 1980, he promised to reduce the number of federal agencies and rules. Eight years later, his Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief failed to eliminate a single agency or even one of the thousands of federal regulations. Today, President-elect Trump has promised to stop […]

How HUD Makes Lousy Programs Look Great

TweetWhen federal agencies promote programs, like Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, or Common Core they conduct sophisticated and often deceptive marketing campaigns that cover up there downsides. Flowery slogans like, “transportation options are fundamental to having a shot at the American Dream,” and “Economic diversity is the path to better outcomes for all American children,” may […]

Will HUD Communism Continue Under Trump?

TweetOn July 8, 2015, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the final rule on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). HUD describes this rule – “everyone can access affordable, quality housing regardless of their ‘race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or familial status.’” HUD’s Secretary, Julian Castro, stated that “unfortunately, too many […]

Regionalism Censors Realtors

TweetYou cannot make this up folks, read to the bottom to be outraged. Another community has rejected HUD’s AFFH once they discovered their increased legal liabilities. It was good to see residents and public officials working together for the interests of the community. Also, you will not believe what your realtor CANNOT say in our […]